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Welcome To Seth's Educational Planet

Welcome to the Seth's Educational Planet, an annotated Coaching Institute to the best education. Coaching Institute has been established in 2000. We are a well equipped Coaching Institute. We provide a systematic and comprehensive study program in various subjects. This study program has been carefully designed by our teachers so that they are in line with the requirements of our national education system

Since learning is most effective in a conducive environment, we have ensured that the necessary amenities are sufficient. With our extensive experience, Seth's Educational Planet is confident that we will continue to produce well-rounded students. The Seth's Educational Planet involves providing tutoring services to the Middle school going children.

The tutoring is meant to provide additional help in order enhance the students learning experience outside of their school. We hope the tutors and students will both learn from each other, thus benefiting both parties.

Seth's Educational Planet is the answer to students' need for successful academic achievement. Read More

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Address: 165/3, Janakpuri ,Bareilly,(U.P), India, 243122.

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